FIDA Kenya Project


Film Production, Photography




Despite the various progressive pieces of legislation enacted in the recent past, the Kenyan society is still predominantly patriarchal, and women are consistently marginalized and discriminated against at family, community, and societal levels. FIDA Kenya is undertaking comprehensive work amongst the communities to address gender discrimination against women owning land and other properties. Article 40 of the Kenyan Constitution, guarantees the right to property ownership, while Article 60 ensures equitable access to land and security of land rights but without mentioning women or acknowledging their historical landlessness.

This was a woman empowerment project and matrimonial property act for FIDA Kenya done in Muranga Kitui and Kilifi counties. In this project, we were tasked to tell women stories and their rights to own or inherit the property with or from their spouses or their parents. Working through this project, we were able to highlight the powerful voices of women and it was very evident that women and men have the right to equal treatment including the right to equal opportunities in political, economic, cultural, and social spheres



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